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In Trust celebrates its tenth anniversary, new presidents explain their stories and the challenges that come with leadership, and a model for a successful board meeting.
The impact of a diverse student body on Catholic seminaries, and creating curriculum that meets the needs of both students and churches. Plus, parallels between administrative service and the Bible.
The impact of part-timers on tenure, community as key to spiritual formation, and how to run a successful fundraising campaign. Plus, mentoring new board members to help ease them into their new positions.
How to best prepare students for post-graduate success, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church explains how they increased membership, and why continuing education is crucial to seminaries missions.
Technology in the classroom, the impact of technology on off-campus learning, what figures could really mean: an exploration of long-term investments. Plus, survey reveals boards regard money as biggest challenge.
Shopping for theology, servings of food service facts and folklore, and virtue beyond the classroom.

Six necessities for a board member's orientation packet.

The differences of fund-raising at university divinity schools and how to do it successfully, and communicating through building design.
How to evaluate and improve a board's process.

An assessment of James Ault's film about the course of trusteeship.