Stepping out of the box
The limitations of categories
Categories are useful for defining and organizing complexity but don’t always fit. It’s time to reconsider some of the binary distinctions we use in theological education.
On Your Mind | Letters to the Editor
Your thoughts about theological education
Reader response about stewardship, fundraising, and good practices for the work.
Changing tuition models
How Winebrenner Seminary shifted from pricing against competition to a missional focus
For one seminary, a subscription tuition model helps keep the focus on the mission and expanding the Kingdom of God.
Podcast picks | From our ears to yours
Five podcasts you won’t want to miss
We take a look at podcasts to help you relax and sleep
Present Moment | Fiduciary
The imperative of rigorous questions
A trustee can’t be shy about asking questions. It is the duty of a trustee to ask questions.
Hello? Chatbot? Is anyone really there?
Yes, AI raises real questions in theological education. What do you think?
Artificial intelligence brings a new reality to schools. How we handle it takes considerable care.
Future Promise | Safekeeping
Building a culture that listens and trusts
The relationship between the board chair and the board begins by knowing each new member as a person before working together as board members.
Shifting perspectives
A former embedded school leader shares advice on sustaining relevance
MaryKate Morse, Ph.D., reflects on the relationships that leaders of embedded schools need to nurture.
The Census | Enrollment
ATS enrollment data for the most recent school year shows declining enrollment overall.
Remark(able) | For Board Reflection
Take a moment to consider how the board chair sets the tone for the work of the board, the institution, and the culture of the institution.
Why lifelong learning matters
Governance matters: For boards, a continuing education program can help shape a school’s future
Helen Blier, Ph.D., has spent a career in Christian theological higher education and says that a good lifelong learning program is a connection between seminary and church.
“Altogether fitting and proper”
How We Lived: A seminary and a stronghold, c. 1863
In the Civil War, a seminary’s board of directors and leader faced a daunting situation as the Battle of Gettysburg
Books | Shimmering summer
Healing the healers; soulful fundraising
Two books offer summer reads that go well beyond the paperback by the pool.
Film | The importance of objects at rest
Training the lens on the resurgence of an ancient tradition spanning faiths and cultures
Martin Doblmeier considers the Sabbath in his new film with a well-considered panorama of different religious practices.
We are honored!
In Trust magazine wins best in class for second straight year
Judges of the Associated Church Press awards recognize the magazine with the top award in its category.
Changing Scenes
New leaders and new board chairs
New leaders in theological education.
Humility: A lesson in bronze
From the circus to a statue, Matt Hufman reflects on leadership
As an editor of a busy news operation, I was like a circus ringmaster. Was leadership in the church much different?

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