Christian Meditation Podcast

To help us pause and ponder

Many episodes are based on Lectio Divina, a slow and gentle style of guided reading of Scripture, making this podcast relaxing and uplifting. The host also occasionally uses a free-form style with less instruction and suggestions. Be prepared for prayerful silence, warm encouragement, and a host with the exact calming demeanour that you will want as you relax.


The Daily Still Podcast

Helping us be still a few minutes at a time

This podcast offers 200+ episodes clocking in at an average of 10 minutes. Brief devotional-style and calming mediations led by retreat leader Cindy Helton are centered on making space for listening to God and learning to be still. This podcast is deeply encouraging and reassuring in tone and topic. You’ll love it.


Abide Bible Sleep Meditation

Like a good friend reading you a nightly devotion

Nightly “sleep stories” from Abide, narrated by a variety of readers. Episodes range from 30 to 45 minutes on average. “Make yourself cozy in bed. Allow your head and neck to relax completely into your soft pillows. Let your eyes softly close….” begins one recent sleep story, before a reflection about the unfailing love of Christ during times of anxiety.


Bible at Bedtime

Drift off to Scripture

It’s true. We’ve tried it, and it works. You can lay in bed and have a warm, slow voice read Bible passages to help you fall asleep to relaxing background music. This one is a bit of a stroll through the Bible, moving from book to book.


Bible Sleep

Snooze into dreamland listening to books of the Bible, a chapter a night

If you have warm memories of your father reading the Bible to you at night, this is the podcast for you. Host Ken Matey – who is indeed a father of three (and a Ph.D. candidate in theology) can make even the plagues of Egypt sound relaxing. He also welcomes prayer requests, just as any good dad would.


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