In Trust Center Membership

Thank you for your interest in the In Trust Center membership. We welcome you to connect with us through either a member or affilaite status to learn more about membership benefits. 

The In Trust Center for Theological Schools is a membership organization of more than 240 seminaries, theological schools, and nonprofit educational institutions that have a mission of educating or forming students for ministry or related scholarship. We are committed to supporting our members and affiliates while they focus on achieving their mission.

Member Benefits

As a member or affilaite of the In Trust Center, you and your stakeholders have access to the following resources and services:

  • Subscription to In Trust magazine, our award-winning quarterly publication designed exclusively for those who govern, lead, and teach at theological schools. In addition to print copies, you and your stakeholders have access to archived issues and other content including newsletters, podcast, and online resources.

  • Curated resources and one-on-one consultation to assist you as you focus on a particular issue or explore an opportunity. Our Resource Consultants connect you to resources and conversation partners to support your work.

  • Grant-funded initiatives such as the Wise Steward Initiative for board development or funding for innovative work at your school via a matching Resource Grant program of up to $15,000.

  • Learning communities connecting with other leaders through webinars and facilitated conversations. Let us connect you with conversation partners as you navigate challenges and opportunities at your school.

To Join or Renew

To become a new member or affiliate, call us at 302-654-7770, or email Our staff will assist you by answering any questions that you have and explain the full benefits of membership.

To renew for 2023-2024:

Pay the renewal fee now through a secure one-page form hosted by Bluepay. Scroll down for the "submit payment" button after you've filled in your information. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted.

Or, call us at 302-654-7770 if you would prefer to receive an invoice.

Fees are based on a school's education and general (E&G) budget as reported on Table 1.2 of the most recent Annual Data Tables issues by the Association of Theological Schools.

  • $575 for schools with an E&G budget of less than $5 million.*

  • $875 for schools with an E&G budget of $5 million to $10 million.

  • $1150 for schools with an E&G budget of more than $10 million.

Not an educational institution but still want to join? Affiliate status is available for $200 per year.

* Schools that are part of an ATS-accredited consortium may join for $200, if the consortium is an In Trust Center member.


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