The In Trust Center is a mission-driven, values-focused nonprofit organization with more than 35 years of experience in assisting board members, executive leaders, and other stakeholders in graduate theological schools throughout North America. Our core commitment is to serve our members and affiliates as an adaptive and steadfast support system driven by the mission of advancing the gospel. We achieve these goals by identifying wise practices; monitoring and anticipating trends; sharing best resources; and engaging in experimentation.

We serve more than 7,500 individuals who participate in the governance and leadership of theological schools in the United States and Canada. Collectively, these institutions educate more than 70,000 students, representing a significant portion of future religious leaders in North America.

As an ecumenical organization, we are dedicated to fostering inclusivity and a sense of belonging among diverse traditions throughout North America. 

Collectively, We Serve.

Meet Our Team. Our core team of professionals is located in the Community Service Building in Wilmington, Delaware. We are blessed with an extended team including project directors, creative and editorial talents, as well as coaches and consultants.

Meet Our Board of Directors. Our board of directors represents the diversity of our schools and stewards our institutional resources via a focus on our strategic priorities and vision.

Meet Our Partners. We are blessed with partners throughout the field, a peer-network for collaboration and thought in support of theological education.

Meet Our Funders. We are grateful for our funders and individual donors who support our mission and whose financial contributions allow us to fulfill our mission.


Our Core Objectives

To partner with our members and affiliates, offering timely responses to help foster mission vitality.

To draw upon our rich history in working with governing and advisory boards, as well as executive leadership, administrators, faculty, and staff to share wise practices and accessible content.

To listen and develop timely programming and content by offering solutions in response to unforeseen issues.

To utilize our rich resource database to connect with peers, consultants, and resources throughout theological education and sources beyond the field.

To welcome the opportunity to be in conversation with you, so we might walk alongside and support you as you fulfill your call.