Why is good governance so hard?
Perhaps it’s time to start asking the most important questions
Fundamental questions can help guide boards and senior leaders to stay focused and on mission.
On Your Mind | Letters to the Editor
Your thoughts about theological education
Letters about the autumn issue on trauma facing the church and students, as well as how long-serving presidents and deans make it work.
New research about Gen Z mental health and spirituality
How can theological schools bridge a generational divide and address its implications for formation?
New research provides some surprising results but can help seminary leaders prepare for the next generation.
The Census: New research about Gen Z
What we can learn about young people’s beliefs and how it affects them
Springtide Research Institute’s research provides a look at how religious belief influences the emerging generation
Podcast picks | From our ears to yours
Five podcasts you won’t want to miss
We take a look at podcasts about spiritual life and wellness.
Lilly awards In Trust Center new grant
$7.5 million will support mission vitality, operations
A grant awarded in 2022 will provide for the center’s continued operations.
Present Moment | Colliding forces
Amidst turbulence, schools are leading change
Given the times, schools much continue to adapt and evolve.
All People Considered | Opening a Public Movement
CESNA Center for Public Theology seeks engagement beyond churches
The new center has a focus to move the Chinese Christian church into society.
Future Promise | Relationships
Three paths for intentional engagement
My hope is that theological education will engage beyond texts and scholarship, and more and more with people on the margins.
Facing the hard questions
What conversations aren’t we having? David Rowe suggests what boards and leaders need to consider
There are four questions that boards and senior leaders should ask if they want to move forward with their mission.
Remark(able) | For Board Reflections
Take a moment to consider the strategic priorities of your school and how they frame the board’s work.
Beyond the Boardroom | The rewards of board service
Longtime Missio Seminary board member Karen Sawyer on coming beside those in need
A sense of calling drives many board members to serve at their institution and putting life in holistic perspective.
Momentous Decision | What’s In a Name?
David Cassady on asserting a distinctive institutional identity
At BSK – Baptist Seminary of Kentucky – we’re planning to change the name, and we’re doing so transparently.
Relics | Sublime Space
Alvar Aalto’s transcendent Mount Angel Seminary library provides room with a view
The library on a hilltop in Oregon is a one-of-a-kind, designed by a famed architect, and it changed the face of a campus.
Films and Books | Needed insights
Tales of reconciliation and theological considerations
Two books and two films offer a range of thoughts and insights and provide plenty to consider over the winter.
Remembrance: Glenn T. Miller
A complete theological educator
Glenn Miller was an educator and historian who brought the importance of theological education to the forefront.
Changing Scenes
New leaders answer the call
Six new leaders in theological education.
Providence | Revelations of a seminary outlier
Caroline Thao on walking humbly with God
The journey to studying at a seminary was not an easy one for a young woman who came from a little-known refugee group.

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