The straight truth
Why boards must ask the tough questions
Categories are useful for defining and organizing complexity but don’t always fit. It’s time to reconsider some of the binary distinctions we use in theological education.
On Your Mind
Your thoughts about theological education
I am grateful that Frank Yamada (“Under pressure,” Summer 2023) explored some of the reasons for the accelerating executive turnover in theological schools.
Living with AI
Artificial intelligence is here to stay. How can seminaries manage content, context, and competency?
How do theological schools handle artificial intelligence? A human conversation about AI with leaders in theological education provides some ideas.
Podcast picks
Five podcasts you won’t want to miss
Productivity and organization are important. These podcasts will help you find new ways to keep things together.
Present Moment
A new leader reflects on hope and new ideas
The challenges facing theological education are being experienced everywhere – big, small, or stand-alone.
Conspiracy theories and theological education
What seminaries should know about the ethics of belief
Rob Saler, Ph.D., says, “Conspiracy theory is a major factor in the online lives of many people. How theological schools train future ministers to handle that is important.
Trends, tradition, and hard decisions
CFO saw that preserving a school’s mission meant losing her job
Elizabeth Palmer Bennett, CPA, was the vice president for finance and administration and chief financial officer at Lancaster Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania before it merged with Moravian Theological Seminary in 2021.
Future Promise
In leadership, we’re all interims
Taking the long view is vital for boards and leaders of theological schools to do what’s best for the mission.
Big thinking in Hartford
After an intense process, school renames itself to better suit its mission
After taking over as president of Hartford Seminary, Joel Lohr, Ph.D., and the board began a process that would end up transforming the institution.
The Census
The In Trust Center’s Resource Grants help schools innovate and experiment.
Since 2018, the In Trust Center has offered Resource Grants, a competitive matching grant program that allows members to experiment with new programs and initiatives.
Take a moment to consider how the institution communicates and how it can help people move toward action in its communications.
How General Theological looked back to move forward
For the Very Rev. Dr. Michael DeLashmutt, helping General Theological Seminary meant going deep into the Anglican tradition.
Perusing Princeton’s peculiar postcard collection
The seminary’s catalog of church postcards provides students and visitors a view into the past to see how people lived.
Books & Film
Mental and spiritual health; the mystical love of angels
These books and films offer differing understandings of the spiritual world and our place in it.
Mission Incredible
The adventurous, incandescent life of Elisabeth Elliot
The truth about trust
It takes more than hope and faith to build a culture of trust
Cory Scheer, a former pastor, college administrator, and an expert on trust, explores what it takes for organizations to succeed.
Changing Scenes
New leaders and new board chairs
New leaders in theological education.
Breathing space
A reflection on wonders overlooked in the midst of a fast-moving year
Jesuit priest Gerard Manley Hopkins over a hundred years ago considered the “dappled things” in God’s beauty. We pause to consider with him the change of season.

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