A Slob Comes Clean Podcast

Of course you’re not a slob, but organization abets productivity.

Who couldn’t love a show with this title? Continuing the theme of personal space impacting the rest of life, this very popular show (14 million downloads of 300+ episodes) is obviously vulnerable and practical for bringing chaotic spaces into order and control – in a process the host endearingly calls “deslobification.”



Best Laid Plans

Could being organized be next to godliness?

Host Sarah Hart-Unger, physician, parent and podcaster, shares strategies and tips on organization and productivity, with the art of planning at the heart of the show. She describes her lifestyle as “fairly hectic/active.” We believe her. This weekly show is for those of us who know our spaces and schedules impact efficiency in other parts of life.



Getting Things Done

A productivity icon continues to lead the way.

According to bestselling productivity author David Allen, productivity begins with a five-step process: clarifying, capturing, reflecting, organizing and engaging. That process guides this extremely helpful show, particularly for those of us who struggle with procrastination.



Bottom Line Faith

Bridging the gap between faith and business.

Many seminary board members are business leaders. This 30-minute program provides a unique look at how high-capacity Christian leaders live out their faith in the marketplace… and how they address all the demands they face. Currently on hiatus but back episodes provide plenty of inspiration.



The Christian Woman Leadership Podcast

Helpful, practical, challenging.

Hosts Esther Littlefield and Holly Cain dive into topics ranging from what those you lead might need from you, owning your voice and using your gifts as a female leader, ditching imposter syndrome, and more practical takes with tips like “getting the most out of live events.”



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