The Power of Stories
Creating meaning from shared experience
As faithful followers of Jesus, we have a deep connection with storytelling.
On Your Mind | Letters to the Editor
Thank you for publishing Matt Hufman’s interview with David Heetland (Winter 2022). I respect Heetland greatly and consider him a mentor to all of us who understand fundraising as a ministry.
The Gift Collaborative highlights need for Black student debt relief
The Gift Collaborative met in Washington, D.C., to address the serious issue of debt.
Podcast picks | From our ears to yours
In Trust Center’s new podcast, plus five more
We take a look at podcasts about podcasts – how to successfully create and produce a good podcast.
Present Moment | Time to listen
The transforming habit of accountability
Listening is a skill that is desperately needed in today’s world
All People Considered | Thriving in authentic change
Finding a way forward through rapidly shifting times
In a changing environment, a center at Fuller Seminary is helping leaders chart their course.
Three sentences every story needs
A new webinar offers a framework for powerful storytelling
Getting your story out is vital for the success of your mission.
Future Promise | Of God and grass
Spring’s promise of rest and rejuvenation
God provides an invitation for us to rest and be fed.
Finishing Well
The complex – and emotional – decision to close a seminary
Considering when and how to finish can be a difficult discussion. An In Trust Center webinar helps leaders understand the issues.
A perverse pandemic prescription
C.S. Lewis’s Screwtape Letters and the tenor of our times
Boards and leaders can take a step to help people by understanding the times and taking positive action.
Momentous Decision | Mowers and Mission
Rev. Dr. Alton B. Pollard III on selling a part of Louisville Seminary’s campus
Selling part of a campus is a big step, but the question was whether it fit with the seminary’s mission.
Relics | Work, Love, and Courage
The Frankl collection at GTU conserves enduring truths
A professor at the Pacific School of Religion became a collaborator of Viktor Frankl and then a collector of his work, making GTU the first archive of Frankl’s work.
Films and Books
Four titles to provide an enriching look into life
Two books and two films provide a range of thoughts and insights for the spring, including on the Old Testament, prayer, a found piece of religious art, and “Jesus music.”
How We Lived | The Best Science
One nun’s quest to expand theological education
A no-nonsense nun made it a quest to provide theological education to laypeople and left behind a rich legacy.
Meet the Owl
The In Trust Center’s board uses plug-and-play ‘owl’ to provide a sense of being there for its hybrid meeting
The In Trust Center’s Board of Directors used the latest technology to bring a hybrid discussion to life.
Changing Scenes
New leaders and new board chairs
New leaders in theological education.
The Sign | Seeing in the mirror dimly
Matt Hufman on the limitations of labels – and their sacredness
In a complicated world, it’s easy to put labels on things and people, but seeing beyond them may be to see the sacred.

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