Focusing on the why
Students, showing us how it’s done
In Trust Center president Amy Kardash welcomes the new year with optimism and hope as she sees how schools are caring for students and faculty.
On Your Mind | Letters to the Editor
Inspired by In Trust, readers are reminded to reclaim their voices as pastors and spiritual leaders.
How Effective is Online Theological Education? Just Ask the Students
Data from ATS's Graduating Student Questionnaire provides illuminating answers to whether an online education adequately and sucessfully educates students.
Listening to God’s Voice
Damaris Torres Rivera on finding the motivation to succeed
The answers to one student’s questions were found in the infinite power of the God who called her.
Present Moment | Living as One
No one created by God can be inferior, and no one can be independent. This nearly forgotten truth can be rekindled.
This is a moment to rekindle, reimagine, and reconceive the ancient conviction that humanity must live as community if we are to survive.
Balancing Risk and Reality
With creativity and care, schools and students are finding ways to promote communal, emotional, spiritual, and physical health
Recognizing the importance of a holistic approach to the well-being of students during the pandemic, schools and students are committed to finding effective approaches to promoting communal, emotional, spiritual, and physical health.
What are new 2020 graduates up to?
Teaching, preaching, leading
New 2020 graduates tell us about their first places of ministry and how their education helped prepare them for their roles.
Relics | Paddling Pontiff
An outdoorsy cardinal visited Michigan in 1976, leaving behind a rare memento
A Michigan seminary’s rare relics.
Changing Scenes
New leaders, new board chairs, our partners
New leaders and board chairs at theological schools and our partners
Podcasts Picks | From Our Ears to Yours
Five Podcasts You Won't Want to Miss
Five podcasts you won't want to miss
Schools! Did You Get Your FIPSE Money?
Find out about FIPSE grants issued to schools in 2020.
Momentous Decisions | Moving on Mission
Maintaining Vision Meant Selling the Campus
A major decision to move its campus has been transformative for Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School.
New Members of the In Trust Center Board of Directors
New Members of the In Trust Center Board of Directors
Interview | Formation Nation
Edward McCormack is on a mission to develop the next generation of Christian leadership
An interview with Deacon Edward McCormack who has recently written two new books on formation advising.
Stephen Lewis on conspiring with the next generation
The next generation of leaders say they want to shape a more hopeful future beyond the church’s walls — as Christian ministers, as educators, as activists, and as entrepreneurs. Is your school designing programs to prepare upcoming leaders to make a difference in the world? Or are you designing programs that sustain and maintain the wants and needs of previous generations?
The Bliss of the Limited Perspective
When we see ourselves honestly, we help our schools too
A reminder that our own perspective is often imperfect and always limited.

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