Answering the call
An invitation to those who steward the mission.
After more than 15 years with the In Trust Center, I continue to be inspired by those who fulfill their vocational call by serving on governing and advisory boards.
On Your Mind | Letters to the Editor
Your thoughts about theological education
I loved Richard Topping’s “Theology Through the Lens.” I admired the photographs, products of this re-creation.
Communities of belonging
A Pathways grant is creating opportunities for the Seattle School to reshape meaning and purpose
The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology is facing some very clear realities – including mental health and community connections – as it forges a path ahead.
Podcast picks | From our ears to yours
Common sense for leaders coping with change
These podcasts will help provide a way to work through change.
Present Moment | The gathered community
Doubling down on technology to foster relationships and formation.
For Bethany Theological Seminary, it’s not an “either/or” between technology and community.
Better together
How (and why) boards should support female leaders
Female leaders can face a “double-bind” dilemma, which can create difficulty in leading
Future Promise | Food & Faith
The power of sharing food across cultures
A time of fellowship provides students to benefit of different people and practices.
Helping Pastors Face New Realities
Lilly Endowment awards grant to ATS for Pastoral Ministry project
The Association of Theological Schools (ATS) has received a grant from Lilly Endowment, Inc., to help create the Theologies for Pastoral Ministry project, including a book series focusing on practical theological wisdom across denominations and addressing current needs in the Church and among clergy.
Helping an embed get ahead
Lessons from SMU’s Perkins School Executive Board for thriving as an embedded school
Perkins’ advisory board has helped the school advance the mission and identity of the school.
The Census | Serving members in new ways
The In Trust Center supported a greater number of schools than ever this past year
In a year in review, the In Trust Center has had a “rewarding year.”
Remark(able) | For Board Reflections
Consider how advisory boards can help your school.
Minimizing lame duck syndrome
It’s the board’s responsibility to ensure successful transitions for a new CEO
There are lessons that can help boards and leadership prepare for the inevitable presidential transition
Relics | A wonderous abundance
The Peterson Collection at Wesley Seminary
Seminary’s art collection provides a stunning collection of modern religious art
Books, Film, & Music | Spring into hope, wonder, and joy
Ambitious new creative works provide inspiring – and insightful – delights
These books, films, and music provide different angles that should provide new insights this spring
Total eclipse at the seminary
Wonder and awe in a “demythologized universe”
The April 2024 eclipse brings up a conversation on science and theology and how theological schools have responded and helped build understanding.
A prayer for you
Devotion | The In Trust Center shares its prayers for your work
Every Monday, the In Trust Center’s staff gathers and in its weekly meeting, prays for those in theological education.
Changing Scenes
New leaders and new board chairs
New leaders in theological education.
A call to the ancient roads
Remembering | Matt Hufman on the power of memory and mission
There is a power in memory that, rightly used, can guide us back to the path to which we’ve been called.

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