HyeRan Kim-Cragg

Portrait by Ellen Marello

It should not be a surprise within a spiritual tradition that food and faith go hand-in-hand. Indeed, this wisdom is something Emmanuel College has incorporated into our theological education.

Sharing meals is fundamental to cultivating a culture of belonging for students of all religious backgrounds. The College regularly offers Halal meals that respect Muslim faith, and vegetarian meals that respect Buddhist practices. We are thoughtful about the selection of food at community events to not privilege European and white dominant cultures, but provide meals reflecting our diverse cultural origins. By sharing a meal, our community learns to appreciate difference and feel welcomed. This is conducive to our vision: “To be a leading theological school where students become more deeply rooted in their own religious or spiritual traditions while engaging the beliefs and practices of people of other traditions.”

Since becoming principal of Emmanuel College in 2022, this has been one of my priorities. We have a monthly sponsored meal where various religious communities provide food and learn about Emmanuel, while sharing about the work their community is doing. This fellowship has allowed our students to benefit from the wide range of people and practices at Emmanuel. When students are invited to speak, the whole community has been blessed with heart-felt stories of discovery, belonging, and vocation.


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