Together we are better
Now comes the time for mindful leadership
I’ve just returned from the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) Biennial gathering in Pittsburgh. It’s been four long years since ATS’s membership has gathered in person.
On Your Mind | Letters to the Editor
Your thoughts about theological education
In his article, “Three Sacred Sayings” (Spring 2022), Rod Wilson recalled me to that grounding context in which individuals, institutions, and cultures flourish: relationality.
In the tangle of the mind
Why serving God well is calling seminaries to reconsider their conceptions of mental illness.
A pastor-theologian says its time to consider how seminaries train minister to handle mental health – their own and their congregations.
In Trust wins top award
Magazine awarded best-in-class distinction in Associated Church Press Awards
The redeveloped In Trust magazine has won the top award in its category for the first time.
Podcast picks | From our ears to yours
Five podcasts you won’t want to miss
We take a look at podcasts about race, diversity, and anti-racism.
Present Moment | Change accelerant
The surprising gift of pandemic restrictions
At MB Biblical Seminary, the pandemic provided an opportunity to launch a new program.
All People Considered | “I was in prison, and you came…”
Vancouver launches certificate program for incarcerated people
As a new seminary president, Rev. Dr. Richard Topping heard something that made him think it was time to try something different.
Future Promise | Inside Studio 35
At NBTS, innovation takes wing
During the pandemic, New Brunswick Theological Seminary pressed forward to innovate its pedagogy.
Operation: Crisis
When it comes to business disruption, boards need to plan in advance for institutional continuity
Legal expert Dorian Persaud, who has served on the board of a theological school, says boards and leaders should prepare for potential legal issues.
Remark(able) | For Board Reflections
Take a moment to consider how advisory boards may help your school as well as how board members (advisory or trustees) can serve as ambassadors and advocates. Use this as a tool for board education and discussion.
The Census | Investments
ATS data shows schools with the largest long-term investments
There is more than $11.7 billion held in long-term investments by ATS-accredited schools. The mean is $9 million, with more than half of schools under $10 million.
Governance Matters | Executive session
Five reasons for boards to meet alone at every meeting
A wise practice is for boards to convene in executive session every time they meet. Here’s why.
Flipping the script
Doubling down on a new value proposition
Rev. Dr. David Rowe believes there’s a need for theological schools to consider a new value proposition as they chart a way forward.
How We Lived | Endless Summer
Fifty years ago, the Jesus Movement hit the beach
Baptisms in the ocean and waves of young people coming to faith marked the historic movement.
Films and Books | No empty beach reads
These books and films will enrich your summertime
Two books and two films offer a range of thoughts and insights to carry you through summer
Relics | When I survey the wondrous cross
The Mary Bray Spence Collection at Columbia Theological Seminary
Thanks to a grant by Atla, Columbia Theological Seminary is digitizing a unique collection of crosses that span eight centuries.
A cloud of great witnesses
A litany of names who formed generations carries on, having overseen the work of the Good News.
Theological schools run on something of a liturgical calendar, with comings and goings often set by month. A reflection on how those who retire and graduate pave the way for generations to come.
Changing Scenes
New leaders and new board chairs
New leaders in theological education.
The Sign | Our Times
In an era of need, the prayer attributed to a saint provides consolation.
The world was a tumultuous place even before the pandemic, and now with bad news and difficulties, it seems wise to stop and pray.

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