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The benefits of strategic planning with faculty, a study of four denominations and their relationship with theological schools, and questions that the new year brings. Plus, do the right thing.
A guide for leading a board to creative community, encouraging youth to listen to God's call, and challenging the board chair. Plus, state of the communion.
Three examples of how to handle financial woes, major donors reveal their motivations for generous gifts, and an analysis of tuition discounting.
An exploration of the impact of globalization on seminarians, seven stories about diversity within theological schools, and a friar from Zimbabwe adds a unique perspective about spiritual healing to his classes.
Analyzing student statistics in order to create a unique school's profile, the challenge faced by the church in the twenty-first century, and Chloe Breyer explains her first year at General Theological Seminary.
How to deal with a scandal from a boards perspective, recovering from a negative financial situation, and confronting all of the loses experienced by priests.
Putting your best cyberfoot forward, the keys to successful fundraising, and fulfilling a donor's needs. Plus, the impact of the decline in vocation on parish staffing.
Communicating a school's mission to the public and data on how to improve, recruiting students from diverse congregations, and ensuring that faith makes a difference.
The keys to a successful presidential search, an explanation of how power and leadership are changing, and eight views from the board chairs.
An issue focused on technology: the internet as a tool for theological education and as a way to collaborate; a new kind of virtual community is compared to reality; and the growth of distance learning.