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Essential considerations for those pondering a merger, the growing importance of shorter degree programs in theological education, and the reaffiliation of two Jesuit institutions. Plus, socially responsible investing.
Changes in the way that Catholic theological education is funded, how endowment-driven schools can face the financial years ahead, and theological schools addressing the problem of student debt.
Presidents and deans with international experience spur North American theological schools to greater engagement with world Christianity, and international programs and their enlivening effect on theological education.
A conversation with Daniel Aleshire about the future of theological education, a guide to fostering creative leadership, and planning for the future during uncertain economic times. Plus, a strategy for board success: staying connected.
Small beginnings, big mission: The In Trust story, three seminaries discover that selling is sometimes the best option, and the Carver model of governance.
New master's programs can change the scope of a theological school's mission, reciprocal blessings that arise in small-town ministry, and five challenges when developing online theological education programs. Plus, wing on wing: Dismantle the silo.
All about vocation: Three profiles in vocation, the changing nature of vocation, a vocation for sainthood, and more.
How six trends are changing theological school development, Theological schools explain how their board members and fundraising staff work together and coordinate their efforts, and focus on governance: Welcome to the board room.
Seminaries' projects examples of how theological school can plan for a greener future, Partners for Sacred Places launches new program focusing on connecting seminaries to congregations, and sustainability is more than a trend — it means planning for the future.
The board's job in welcoming a new president, maintaining a theological focus at a university-based "movement" seminary, and a plea for philosophical and theological attention to those that lead contemporary organizations. Also, Wing on wing: gentle heroes welcome.