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Fully on board from start to finish (and beyond): mapping connections, self-assessment, and after "thank you and good-bye." And, Spirit matters: The gift of laughter.
Accreditation: Putting it all together, suggestions from the ATS executive director's chair, four accreditation team members give advice about how to best prepare for a visit, and Toolbox:The board's responsibility for self-assessment, part I.
What to look for on financial statements, Virginia Seminary's complexities and challenges, Trinity School for Ministry's president talks about their financial principle. Plus: grants as venture capital.
New chapel and worship center at Fuller Seminary, Figures of Speech: I thirst, interviewees explain why new chapels were necessary and how they were built, and is bad taste always bad? in the soul of the beholder.
Six presidents, recently retired or moved to new positions, share their experiences and insights. Plus, advice on how to resign gracefully.
Students and leaders alike discuss how the new papacy will impact theological education, how to tap into a board's wisdom in order to engage leadership, and an exploration of online learning.
Four seminaries share the difficulties and rewards of building their endowments, board members decide to focus on fundraising, and the last piece of a four-part series on the life cycle of a successful presidency.
How to best utilize differences within governance to distribute the work load, a farewell to J. Irwin Miller, and letters from readers who discuss church relations.
An exploration of how Canadian schools worked past theological differences to create beneficial relationships; the difficulties of drawing the right people to the board table; and an encouragement to board members to respond to institutional culture.
Four board members learn to fund raise successfully for their schools' advancement programs, Catholic Theological Union's president considers strategic planning through a theological lens, and a conversation between board chairs and presidents about what each wants from the other.
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