Wing on wing
Christa R. Klein remembers Jaroslav Pelikan, a scholar and seminary trustee whose greatness in death lay not in his scholarly legacy but in the full witness of his faith.
The gift of laughter
Contributing editor Melinda Heppe draws a connection between laughter and truth.
Serving well pastorally
A grateful president reflects on the blessing of a board chair with a pastoral perspective
Leah Gaskin Fitchue, president of Payne Theological Seminary, reflects on the blessing of a board chair with a pastoral perspective.
Grace and assessment
John E. Phelan, president of North Park Theological Seminary, suggests that the culture of assessment should be tempered by grace.
Technology columnist Mark Sullivan argues that without an e-newsletter to promote them, seminary Web sites are under quarantine.
Changing scenes: Evangelical university buys campus from Catholic sisters
Two seminaries fight zoning regulations. New York seminary plans to heat and cool using groundwater. Seminaries acquire new campuses. New resources for theological school presidents. Also, new leaders in theological education.

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