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Portrait by Ellen Marello

We’re excited about the potential for our new programs, especially Pathways for Accelerating Christian Education, which serves groups of learners seeking flexible and practical education. After a national listening tour, we established our program and fine-tuned the classes we offer. Flexibility has been important to being responsive and supportive to our constituents.

However, the main ingredient for us is the involvement of the Holy Spirit, and God has given us an amazing group of people. If you’re not starting out with an incredible staff, you’re starting out with a deficit. Our team has great camaraderie, and they love each other.

One of the keys for building a team like that is your selection process and a willingness to relocate people into the right position.

As believers, we walk by faith, not by sight. If God places an idea in our hearts, we must believe He will supply the resources to bring ideas to fruition. If we believe God has put it on our heart to accomplish something, and if it’s part of the school’s mission and vision, then we must diligently work to make it a reality. It might not be immediate, but we are encouraged to walk that walk of faith.


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