Speaking Our Minds Podcast

Information and inspiration about mental health issues

Honesty is key when hosting a conversation about “psychology, culture, wellness and the complexities of being human,” which is what this show is all about. Recent episodes dig into understanding bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and how to support a family member living with mental illness. Hosted by author Brittney Moses and therapist Ranela Kaligithi.



The Care Ministry Podcast

We can do better in the Church and academy

This show is all about strengthening the Church to become a place that offers excellent mental health care. Many of the strategies offered by host Laura Howe and her guests could translate into the seminary experience. Guests share their journey to work through challenges and create effective and safe methods to care for their communities.



Holy/Hurt Podcast

Churches hurt, and churches can also heal

We know that spiritual trauma is all too real, and all too often happens in the Church and even in the seminary. This podcast defines spiritual trauma, explores its impact and points to pathways toward healing. Hosted by Hillary McBride, Ph.D., a registered psychologist, researcher, and author of the bestselling book “The Wisdom Of Your Body.”



Sanctuary Mental Health Podcast

Good mental health practices belong in the local church

Vancouver, B.C.-based Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries offers a podcast exploring the intersection of mental health challenges and faith. Transparent interviews with theologians, writers, leaders, and people living with mental health challenges help build the bridge between our lived mental health experiences, faith, and the local church.



Bottom of Form

The Allender Center podcast

Dr. Dan Allender and his team go deep into wellness and faith. With recent episodes such as “Why don’t we always tell the truth?,” “Church after Mars Hill,” and a show dedicated to understanding gaslighting, this show is topical, practical, and helpful. The mission of The Allender Center, located at the Seattle School of Theology & Psychology, is “to foster redemption and healing in individuals, couples, and communities.”



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