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Illustration by Jenny Campbell

Even while working remotely, hosting online grantee gatherings, and juggling responsibilities that are of varying importance, I am still excited by the Louisville Institute’s mission.

That mission is, in part, “to bridge church and academy through awarding grants and fellowships...thereby promoting scholarship that strengthens church, academy, and society, and ultimately contributes to the flourishing of the Church....” In the midst of changing, religious, multicultural, and generational realities, our mission is a rejoinder to those who wail about a demise of the Church and the reported shrinking of theological education.

That is one way to see the world. The Louisville Institute also sees vitality in the Church and theological education alike, as people courageously engage the present moment with renewed commitment, and creativity.

Such vitality is accompanied by a willingness to try something new. Since there is no going back to an old “normal,” and the “new normal” is something we will create together, Louisville Institute is inviting grant applications that propose new efforts in racial justice, equity, and inclusion, and the multifaceted impact of COVID-19 on our faith communities. That is an appropriate, timely and exciting living out of our mission.

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