The Voices of Young People Podcast

Inside the lives, minds, and hearts of young people

Do you ever wonder what young people are thinking? We have a good answer for you. Dr. Josh Packard, executive director of the Springtide Research Institute, talks to young people in each episode of this podcast, asking them about the issues impacting their lives. Season Three includes their religious beliefs and practices.


Recruitment Now

Doing our best to attract the best

This Ambrose University Podcast is a 17-episode series all about best practices in recruiting. Topics include stress reduction – because recruiting is stressful – HR tech, and becoming a “talent thief.” Episodes are hosted by a team including a chief executive officer and an Ambrose professor.


Five Questions

Takeaways for faith leaders

Produced by Lifeway – the Southern Baptist Convention’s publishing arm – this podcast asks five questions of prominent pastors, leaders, authors, and scholars. With hundreds of episodes, there’s no shortage of topics to pick from.


Pastor Writer

Conversations on writing, reading and the Christian life

Some of us are pastors, many of us are writers and probably all of us are readers. This podcast checks all the boxes. Host Chase Replogle interviews authors of new releases, publishing experts, and pastors and often circles back around to the question of how writing for publication fits into the post-seminary life.


Coaching for Leaders

Great leaders love to learn

This popular podcast (524 episodes and counting, 15 million downloads) is built on the idea that leaders are made, not born, so we can all get better. Hosts answer listener questions regularly, which is always fun. You do have to sign up for a free membership to access the whole library, but it was painless and worth it to find episodes like “Handle Papers like a Pro,” and “The Way to Lead with Online Events.”


Top Topics
Roles & Responsibilities
Board Essentials

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