Wing on wing
Christa R. Klein suggests that to do their jobs well, theological school board members must examine themselves as well as their schools.
St. John's Home for Wayward Clergy
Contributing editor Melinda R. Heppe offers everyone a welcome to her congregation — which sometimes resembles the Island of Misfit Toys.
Trustee profile: Edwin McClenton
Board Chair, American Baptist Seminary of the West
Edwin McClenton, chair of the board of trustees of American Baptist Seminary of the West, brings his business sense to the boardroom — and wants to see trustees shoulder more fundraising responsibility.
The silent revolution
Accreditation and its consequences
Glenn T. Miller, academic dean of Bangor Theological Seminary, offers a thumbnail history of accreditation from the 19th century to the present.
The board's responsibility for self-assessment, part I
Rebekah Burch Basinger parses the ATS standard requiring boards to hold themselves accountable for their own performance.
Team players
Accreditation visitors offer wisdom on how to work with them -- for the good of the school
Four experienced accreditation team members provide some practical advice on preparing for a visit.
Changing scenes: Christian college organization announces new president
Bible college renamed with the help of marketing firm. Christian college organization announces new president. Catholic religious order starts new training institute for lay leaders. Harvard "joggler" sets world record. Also, new leaders in theological education.
Accreditation for schools with extensions sites
Leland V. Eliason is executive vice president of Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota, and executive director and provost of Bethel Seminary. Both the seminary and the larger university are affiliated with the Baptist General Conference. Almost 30 years ago, Bethel became a pioneer in extension education by opening a branch in San Diego. Today, in addition to the San Diego campus, Bethel's extension program includes a virtual campus and the Seminary of the East, with sites in Auburn, Massachusetts; Dresher, Pennsylvania; and Landover, Maryland. Approval of a new site in New York City is expected soon. In Trust asked Leland V. Eliason about the particular challenges of accrediting extension sites.
Reader Comments, re: Spirit Matters
Reader comments on the Spring 2006 edition of Spirit Matters

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