Changing scenes
A theological debate spills into the secular press, Lilly Endowment awards Making Connections grants, and a longtime trustee is honored with an endowed professorship. A listing of new leaders in seminary education.
Looking into the light
The latest Spirit Matters column explores disability, human frailty, and the metaphor of God as light.
Managing the sweet sorrow of parting
The board's role as the president leaves
The final installment in a four-part series on the life cycle of a successful presidency looks at the board's role in insuring a graceful exit for the outgoing leader.
Wing on wing
President Christa Klein, prompted by Mark's Gospel, considers disability, some intimations of mortality, and seminaries.
The Spiritual Revolution: Why Religion Is Giving Way to Spirituality
So Much for That Old Time Religion
The Spiritual Revolution: Why Religion Is Giving Way to Spirituality author: Paul Heelas and Linda Woodhead publisher: Blackwell Publishing, 2004

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