A challenge too scary to contemplate?
The challenge of the twenty-first century church.
Truth telling, credit given
Teresa Blythe responds to the situation at San Francisco theological Seminary. Ted Reeve comments on congregational conflict.
Alumni support: it's not just about the money
One way in which a school can measure its success is by the support of its alumni—a support that is often counted in dollars and cents although it may be much more. Is this kind of stewardship important to your school? Should it be?
On the lookout for younger pastors
Over the past twenty-five years or so in most denominations, the average age of newly ordained clergy has crept inexorably higher and higher as college recruitment programs withered and candidates seeking second careers replaced youthful seminarians. Now some denominations are making serious efforts to counter the trend. Young ordinands usually spend more years in active ministry. The stories of three such efforts are recounted here. Is your school short on young students? What is it doing about it?
Practicing what he preached
An individual’s priorities, and the integrity with which they are applied in times of trouble, offer a true measure of character. In the case of a high-profile priest, such priorities and integrity can be a powerful witness to a cynical, often disillusioned world. Joseph Cardinal Bernardin was one such who stood firm and faced his challenges clad in the whole armor of God so eloquently described in the letter to the Ephesians.
Improving communication with e-mail
As computer technology becomes ever more pervasive in the daily life of most Americans, the advantages of more efficient communication are being explored in new settings. Capital Bible Seminary has embraced the opportunities offered by e-mail and found that they facilitate the governance process.
How congregations can promote vocations
Do you know where your students come from and why they chose your school? Knowing how a home congregation influences potential students may help you in forming a strategy to attract future students.
Texas baptists ax seminary funding
Emphasizing the contention between moderates and conservatives, Texas Baptists have voted to redirect their seminary support funds. Missouri Synod Lutherans are looking at a serious shortage of clergy and burnout among those still in the pulpit. 2001 finds familiar faces in new places.
True love
A review of Maurice and Therese: The Story of a Love
Title: Maurice and Therese: The Story of a Love
Author: Patrick Ahern
Publisher: Doubleday
Winning souls
A review of Red-hot and Righteous
Title: Red-Hot and Righteous
Author: Diane Winston
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Catholic charity
A review of The Poor Belong to Us: Catholic Charities and American Welfare
Title: The Poor Belong to Us: Catholic Charities and American Welfare
Authors: Dorothy M. Brown and Elizabeth McKeown
Publisher: Harvard University Press
A traveler's guide to ordination
A review of This Bright Field: A Travel Book in One Place
Title: This Bright Field: A Travel Book in One Place
Author: William Taylor
Publisher: Methuen, London

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