Anna Robbins, Ph.D, Illustration By James Noel Smith

We are tasked in this disruptive juncture to develop new strategic priorities for a new time, a new church, a new world.

Looking ahead, I am excited by the opportunities for seminaries that these rapid cultural, ecclesial, and educational shifts will inevitably bring.

Urgent challenges demand a courageous response. This is a time to break down old silos between disciplines and encourage faculty to work together on projects and ideas. We are redrawing how curriculum is structured and provided We are embracing initiatives to diversify our boards and adjust our structures for a fresh cultural moment. Goals that might have taken years to achieve before are possible to implement now through resourceful leadership and innovative partnerships.

We don’t have to just respond to change – we can lead it. Throughout, we remain committed to offer our students the best preparation for service to a world in need of justice, love, and hope.

The future is dangerous, it is risky, and it is thrilling. There are days when I am worried and afraid. But from faith I take courage. I hear the voice of the spirit say, “Hang on, it’s going to be quite a ride!”

Anna Robbins, Ph.D. is president and dean of theology at Acadia Divinity College.


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