Churches have gotten creative when it comes to worshipPHOTOGRAPY BY 1. DANIEL RUSSELL 2. MARK KELLY 3. ROSS LOCKHART 4. GRACE MUDD

1. Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church in Philadelphia has an intimate outdoor service each Sunday at 8 a.m. [Photo: Daniel Russell]

2. Some churches, like Christ Church Episcopal in Kensington, Maryland, are offering communion in individual packages, including both bread and wine, that can be consumed at home during Zoom worship. [Photo: Mark Kelly]

3. Online communion service for about 65 students, faculty, alumni, and board members of Vancouver School of Theology. [Photo: Ross Lockhart]

4. The Church of Saint Mary the Virgin in New York has blue dots on the floor where worshipers stand while waiting to receive the Eucharist. [Photo: Grace Mudd]

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