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Nothing serves an institution more than strong relationships, which hinge on creating synergy and cooperation among key leaders - the president, board chair, and board members. Securing the success of these partnerships requires a deliberate and strategic process of defining the roles of the chair and board. In Trust Center President Amy Kardash outlines key elements for ensuring good governance and institutional well-being. For more, click here.

Clarifying the chair’s expectations. Clear delineations of the chair’s authority, responsibilities, and the decision-making process are critical for establishing role clarity. A chair position description helps to avoid conflicts, sets expectations, fosters effective communication, and contributes to the overall stability and success of the institution.

Building a robust partnership. A strong chair-president partnership is critical and ultimately depends on transparency, shared commitments, trust, and a harmonious connection. Regularly scheduled meetings between the chair and president should address key priorities and offer opportunities for relationship building and information exchange.

Fostering a collaborative environment. The chair not only serves as a reliable intermediary for the president – acting as a conversation partner, advocate, and primary support – but also ensures the board’s focus on institutional priorities and objectives. In guiding board meetings, a strong chair ensures that all member voices are heard. The role is highly relational, and the values that underpin the board-president alliance should mirror those of the chair and the members of the entire board.

Showing appreciation. Nurturing a culture, which values board leaders’ time, talents, and treasure serves as a powerful catalyst for enhanced teamwork, collaboration, and innovation. Board members who feel acknowledged and valued are more likely to remain engaged, actively contributing their expertise to key initiatives and processes.


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