This issue we’re zoning in on podcasting itself. More and more schools and ministries are stepping into this space. This short list will help you understand the medium, figure out how to begin, and find the tools to make your podcast memorable.



Viral Jesus

How influencers influence

Christianity Today’s. Viral Jesus podcast is all about success and impact in digital communication. Heather Thompson Day, host and communication scholar, interviews content creators and social media influencers who are doing all things well. We find out how they do it in these conversations.


Podcast Talent Coach

Podcasts decoded

Listening to a podcast about podcasts might feel weird, but it’s very helpful if you’re moving into the podcast space with your school or ministry. “Use your podcast to build relationships with your audience,” says host and podcast coach Erik Johnson. Topics are super-practical, such as whether you should use notes or a script, audience growth strategies and how to tap into video.


Podcast Q&A

Short, sharp, and practical

Five-minute long podcasts! We dipped in and learned we need to ask open-ended questions and the importance of really listening to the answers. “Tell me your story…” is a great way to open an interview. This show is as practical as it sounds and designed to help you grow.


School of Podcasting

Graduating to greatness

Listen first for the theme music and stick around for what feels literally like getting a degree in in podcasting. This one has been around since 2005 and is an encyclopedia of podcasting know-how. Recent shows consider the question of how much backstory do you share on a guest, what the Netflix hit Squid Game can teach us about putting on a show, and, yes, “What happens to your podcast when you die?” is also covered.


The Feed: Keeping you Podcasting with Rob and Elsie

Somewhere above average

Tips and insights for “the average podcaster” by industry leader Libsyn. Send your entire team, including your tech guys, over to this podcast for topics like podcast statistics you need to know, podcast etiquette, and basically episodes for every task of podcasting from idea to wrap to posting and onward.


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