Boards and their cyclical behavior
Over time, a board's tone and activities change in predictable patterns. In Trust president Christa R. Klein reflects on what this means for the boards of religious institutions.
The church with the clothes
Contributing editor Melinda R. Heppe describes her congregation's clothing rack, where neighbors can get what they need without fuss.
Check in, check up, catch up
The president and board chair at Oral Roberts University talk weekly, with an agenda that focuses on trust.
Changing scenes
News from the world of theological education.
Negotiating a presidential transition
A review of Leadership That Works by the Auburn Center for the Study of Theolocial Education and Managing Executive Transitions by Tim Wolfred.
A dashboard for clergy
The United Methodist Conference in North Alabama uses an online dashboard to measure church growth — a good example of "traditioned innovation," says Jason Byassee.

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