The map of governance
President Christa R. Klein explores the challenge of calling the right people to the board table.
Spirit matters
Gracious governance
At the end of the day, the responsibility to learn the culture of a school rests on the board. And therein is the root of gracious governance.
Timely and thoughtful does it
The board's role in evaluating the president
The second of a four-part series on the life cycle of a successful presidency looks at the importance of timely and thoughtful evaluation.
Innovation in theological education
It is tough to be innovative when resources are tight. But as leaders in seminary settings are discovering, innovation can open doors to exciting new avenues of service and expanded support.
Changing scenes: Longtime commitment to planned giving reaps rich reward
Record gifts for one school and a settlement in a lengthy court case for another. Also, evangelicals in Canada and the U.S. feel in but not of the mainstream. A listing of new leaders in theological education.
Good questions, helpful answers
Many board hands make lighter work in a successful church relations program.
Hyping Jesus
A review of American Jesus: How the Son of God Became a National Icon
Title: American Jesus: How the Son of God Became a National Icon Author: Stephen Prothero Publisher: Farrar Straus & Giroux
Confronting the crisis
A review of Governance, Accountability, and the Future of the Catholic Church
Title: Governance, Accountability, and the Future of the Catholic Church Authors: Francis Oakley and Bruce Russett Publisher: Continuum
Edwards in the hands of a skillful writer
A review of Jonathan Edwards: A Life
Title: Jonathan Edwards: A Life Author: George M. Marsden Publisher: Yale University Press

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