(Reprinted with permission from Library Journal, written by Susan C. Awe.)

Marshall Glickman’s holistic strategy The Mindful Money Guide: Creating Harmony Between Your Values and Your Money will help readers reconcile their money with their ideals. Once a stockbroker on Wall Street, Glickman left the world of fiscal stress for the serenity of Vermont, where he is the editor/publisher of Green Living. He points out the differences between wants and needs (a clouded issue in today’s consumer society), provides friendly advice on effective financial tactics for every stage of life, and suggests ways to harmonize social and environmental concerns with cash flow. He encourages readers to make informed decisions on insurance, real estate, college education, retirement, and wills, while making the world a better place to live. The most important element in making a decision is clarifying one’s values, and Glickman enables readers to do just that. The personal finance appendix of resources and lengthy bibliography will provide readers with assistance and more food for thought.

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