Now is the time for bold new thinking
Beguiled at the board table by distracting details, it's often difficult—but critically important—to keep your attention on the big picture.
Fund raisers' role, information source
Mary Ann Shealy discusses the need for seminary development officers to involve themselves in seminary life; Jacob Birch comments that he depends on In Trust to demystify aspects of academia and provide a window into the world of theological education.
Can a satellite campus pay its own way?
The financial realities of the extension program
The experience of Aquinas Institute of Theology in St. Louis, Missouri, demonstrates factors to be considered when planning an off-campus extension or distance-learning program. What might these figures mean to your school? What resources can it call upon to give it a head start?
Liability protection for governing boards
Is directors and officers insurance necessary?
An insurance broker answers questions about directors and officers insurance. How is your school protected? How comprehensive are its policies? A timely review of them may save money in the future.
Reflections of three seminary presidents
A varied sampler from recently published books
The public role of leaders in theological education includes teaching via the written word. These excerpts have been abridged from three recent books by seminary presidents—J. Nelson Kraybill, Carnegie Samuel Calian, and Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite. They come from a variety of perspectives and are aimed at differing audiences, but all nudge the reader toward wholeness.
Accreditation reviews pass Holy Cross
Bylaw changes clarify board and ecclesial roles
Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology hangs on to its accreditation after the president and three professors are ousted, but the ATS leaves it some some sharp questions to reflect on. Also 1999 Luce and Lilly theology fellows are named, and a number of new school heads take office.
Leaving home and the 'danger' of change
The wilderness as catalyst of spiritual transformation
In this article, abridged from a sermon preached at Candler School of Theology on September 8, 1998, Charles R. Foster makes a plea to students to open themselves to experiences that are new. How does your school prepare students for the ‘wilderness’ they are entering?
Making intellectual discussion possible
Seminaries can teach churches how to disagree
Glenn T. Miller urges theological schools to provide a theological context for the discussion of such fiercely emotional issues as how the church should handle sexual orientation. How does your school respond to controversy? Does it help the larger community to grow in understanding?
Marketability as the measure of knowledge
Modern universities adapt to capitalist freebooting
Title: Academic Capitalism: Politics, Policies, and the Entrepreneurial University
Authors: Sheila Slaughter and Larry L. Leslie
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
Pilgrim's progress
A review of For the Time Being
Title: For the Time Being
Author: Annie Dillard
Publisher: Knopf
Working relationships
A review of Governing Universities: Changing the Culture?
Title: Governing Universities: Changing the Culture?
Authors: Catherine Bargh, Peter Scott, and David Smith
Publisher: Society for Research into Higher Education and Open University Press
Complexities of PDSs
A review of Making Professional Development Schools Work: Politics, Practice, and Policy
Title: Making Professional Development Schools Work: Politics, Practice, and Policy
Authors: Marsha Levine and Roberta Trachtman
Publisher: Teachers College Press
Teamwork Revisited
A review of Redesigning Collegiate Leadership: Teams and Teamwork in Higher Education
Title: Redesigning Collegiate Leadership: Teams and Teamwork in Higher Education
Authors: Estela Mara Bensimon and Anna Neumann
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
Trust in Institutions
A review of Trustworthy Government: Leadership and Management Strategies for Building
Title: Trustworthy Government: Leadership and Management Strategies for Building
Author: David G. Carnevale
Publisher: Jossey-Bass

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