The Bible Project

The power of storytelling

The creators of The Bible Project, Timothy Mackie and Jonathan Collins, explore the Bible’s unified story through deep conversation that includes how characters work, concepts of justice and the Hebrew mindset. Popular episodes include “Humans Are...Trees?” and “The Significance of Seven.” Companion videos and study guides further the journey.




The intersection of Christianity and mental health

Mental health can be a taboo subject; CXMH is an accessible and lively forum to talk about it in Godly ways. Hosted by Robert Vore, a therapist who works with youth and young adults, and Baylor University’s Holly Oxhandler, Ph.D., an expert in spiritually integrated clinical practice, CXMH offers informed conversation for both knowledgeable practitioners who know only a secular approach and for those who don’t know much about mental health.


The Naked Bible Podcast

Learned explorations

Host Mike Heiser, Ph.D., a scholar of biblical studies and the ancient Near East died Feb. 20 of complications from pancreatic cancer. He brought a learned and dispassionate approach to exegesis. Walking listeners through the text, the podcast remains compelling as a reminder of his expertise on the nature of the spiritual realm of the Bible.


NT Pod

“Turbo-nerd” conversations

Host Mark Goodacre is a biblical scholar and a member of the faculty of Duke University. With sprightly British cheer and a sweeping intellect, he instigates learned conversations with his guests (mostly other scholars) examining critical issues in the New Testament, gospel studies, and textual criticism. With occasional forays into the historical oddities of biblical scholarship, Goodacre underscores the enduring life of the New Testament in challenging yet always accessible ways.


White Hores Inn

A roundtable on theology and culture

From Michael Horton and Shane Rosenthal, White Horse Inn is the perfect podcast for people who like church history. Part theology, part apologetics, part cultural analysis, White Horse Inn rediscovers the first principles of the Reformation to address topics that matter to Christians living in a pluralistic world.


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