Navigating and embracing change
Maybe it's time to change our perspective from "managing change" to "creating a culture where change is part of the ethos," writes In Trust Center president Amy L. Kardash.
Grant initiatives deepen worship practices on campus
A report on the work of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship's Vital Worship Grants program.
What do seminary graduates want to do with their degrees?
Data compiled from the Graduating Student Questionnaires (GSQ) is helping the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) understand the vocational goals of graduates and the implication of these goals for theological education.
Essays in honor of Daniel O. Aleshire
Edwin R. Woodruff Tait reviews Disruption and Hope: Religious Traditions and the Future of Theological Education.
Biblical case studies frame a perspective on wise governance
Craig Williford reviews The Council: A Biblical Perspective on Board Governance.
Research on the ministry of Catholic deacons
Christa R. Klein reviews Word, Liturgy, Charity: The Diaconate in the U.S. Catholic Church, 1968-2018.
Changing Scenes
Recent news from the world of theological education.
What I wish boards and administrators knew about faculty
Professors want to help their schools to thrive, writes a professor of New Testament. But if faculty are going to contribute to the health of their institution, they need to be included in meaningful ways.
Faculty authors reflect
A gracious, expectant, and somewhat demanding relationship
Dean K. Thompson and D. Cameron Murchison reflect on their edited volume Mentoring: Biblical, Theological, and Practical Perspectives.

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