Changing scenes
Age and tenure of college presidents increasing. Vietnamese priests are the "new Irish." China's largest seminary campus opens. Succession planning ignored at many nonprofits. Also, new leaders in theological education.
Wing on wing
In Trust president Christa Klein explains how a frank dialogue between a president and his board chair, along with proven leadership ability, trust, and the right chemistry, can lead to a strong and productive relationship.
Gentle heroes welcome
New messiahs need not apply
Contributing editor Melinda R. Heppe lauds the gentle, gracious leaders who have the humility to offer what they have (like prayer) and ask for what they don't have (like money).
Understanding the concerns of a university-based "movement" seminary
Talbot School of Theology at Biola University Biola's longtime but soon-retiring president, Clyde Cook, talks with trustee Jerry Rueb and theology school dean Dennis Dirks about the board’s role in maintaining the school's theological focus.
A plea for philosophical and theological attention to those who lead contemporary organizations
In his commencement speech to the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology last year, Professor Andre L. Delbecq offered "a plea for philosophical and theological attention to those who lead contemporary organizations."
IRS issues draft guidelines for nonprofit governance
Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary board chair Dorothy S. Ridings discusses the new IRS draft guidelines for nonprofit governance.
The lonely, communal life of the seminary president
Jay Blossom reflects on the paradoxical life of the seminary president: lonely, but lived in community.
The president's vocation and leadership
Excerpt from A Handbook for Seminary Presidents
In "The President's Vocation and Leadership," a chapter from A Handbook for Seminary Presidents, Daniel Aleshire, Cynthia Campbell, and Kevin Mannoia show that the leadership offered by a president is inherently communal, and leading the team is the president's real work. A Handbook for Seminary Presidents Author: G. Douglass Lewis, ed. Publisher: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2006

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