Touring the web sites
How do schools represent themselves-and what works best?
Does your school have a Web site? Have you visited it? Melinda R. Heppe gives tips on what sites need to contain to call strangers in and the types of subjects or presentations that may pass them by. Elaborate presentations are not necessarily the best. Where would your school’s site fit here? Does its presentation enhance your school’s appeal?
Drucker on Drucker
A review of The World According to Peter Drucker
Title: The World According to Peter Drucker
Author: Jack Beatty
Publisher: Free Press
Working at a distance
New learning technologies bring the classroom to the learner
New technologies that enable students to learn in off-campus settings—or that supplement off-campus experience—create new challenges for theological schools. Should the technologies be used, and if so, how? How can schools ensure the quality of the learning that takes place? What is the student’s perspective? In this article Jeremy Langford provides an overview of selected theological programs, interviewing deans, professors, students, and others in the field. Where does your school fit in this story? What are your school’s plans for future technology-mediated learning?
Visionaries fulfilling the divine plan, technology seen as opening the door to salvation
A review of The Religion of Technology: The Divinity of Man and the Spirit of Invention
Title: The Religion of Technology: The Divinity of Man and the Spirit of Invention
Author: David F. Noble
Publisher: Knopf
Is wealth all?
A review of The Hungry Spirit
Title: The Hungry Spirit
Author: Charles Handy
Publisher: Broadway Books
Death of distance
A review of The Death of Distance
Title: The Death of Distance
Author: Frances Cairncross
Publisher: Harvard Business School Press
Net navigation
A review of Release 2.0: A Design for Living in the Digital Age
Title: Release 2.0: A Design for Living in the Digital Age
Author: Esther Dyson
Publisher: Broadway
Valuing commitment, revisiting call
Alice B. Skinner responds to Melinda R. Heppe's article on fidelity; Richard Haley challenges John Leith on today's students and sacrifice.
Figures aren't always what they seem
Basis of value of long-term investments is varied
Figures based on the Association of Theological Schools' Finance Form present a mosaic of financial activity, but taking them at face value is unwise. Does your school appear in this report? What is the story behind the figures it reports?
Trustees see money as biggest challenge
Mail survey, focus groups cite market pressures
An In Trust exploration of the thinking of its trustee readers finds them concerned about board-faculty relationships and eager to shape school strategies to market realities. William R. MacKaye provides details.
Economies through resource sharing
Chicago area pioneers 'One Library Under Nine Roofs'
Chicago theological schools banded together in 1984, and today their libraries constitute the largest collection of theological materials in the Western Hemispere. How does the Chicago collaboration work? What challenges are ahead for it? Closer to home, what lessons are there for your school? Is resource-sharing a possibility? If so, where would you start?
Changing scenes: Librarian fired for 'injurious' action
Claims seminary always open to dialogue in the past
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary fires its librarian; Indiana judge dismisses McEnroy suit against St. Meinrad; Lilly Endowment awards the Fund for Theological Education $3 million; Ontario Bible College/Ontario Theological Seminary board renames the school Tyndale College and Seminary; Baptist Theological Seminary is given $1 million; Lilly Theological Research Grants and the fifth class of Henry Luce III Fellows are announced; and changes at the top.
The meeting place
A review of Interface Culture: How New Technology Transforms the Way We Create and Communicate
Title: Interface Culture: How New Technology Transforms the Way We Create and Communicate
Author: Steven Johnson
Publisher: HarperSanFrancisco

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