Boards have a role in accreditation, too
In Trust interim president G. Douglass Lewis urges boards to ask questions that strike at the heart of mission and accreditation.
When Esther met Ben
“The Spirit of God works in places where you are not predisposed to see it,” says contributing editor Melinda R. Heppe.
The other 100,000 hours
How the church marginalizes itself from the working world
If your people are valuable, plan for their departure
A review of The Nonprofit Leadership Transition and Development Guide by Tom Adams.
Sixty minutes, 34 questions
A review of How to Make Your Board Dramatically More Effective, Starting Today by Gayle L. Gifford.
Changing scenes
Recent news from the world of theological education.
Call them "students"
The president of Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary doesn’t want to think of students as “customers.”
Omitting key words on tax receipt leads to expensive trouble
A tax court ruling serves as a reminder to make sure gift receipts have the right wording

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