An era's end, a new beginning
As William MacKaye's fifteen-year tenure as In Trust's founding editor comes to an end, Christa Klein notes his legacy of teaching by story and putting a human face on theological schools. MacKaye invited isolated members of governing boards to see themselves in context, to teach each other, and to aspire to be "imitators of God," members of a communion.
Once again it's all new to me
Just ahead, a future of surprises, writes William R. MacKaye in his last words as In Trust editor.
Letters to the editor
Waylan B. Owens charges journalistic near-sightedness, Mark L. Morris Jr. reports on growing assets in a shrinking market. Robert C. Cannada Jr. weighs full-time students and seminary financial health.
Institutions have lifespans, too
Institutions rarely ponder their demise until it's staring them in the face. If your school paid a little attention to the inevitable, how might it change the way you are now?
Having a charge but not being in charge
Is your president adept at shared governance? This article, adapted from a talk at a seminar for new presidents conducted by the Association of Theological Schools, sheds light on the governance structures distinctive to theological schools. For most schools, success comes through collaboration.
Tapping into the miracle of leadership
Theological schools are not simply a subset of the world of nonprofit institutions. Faith commends and commands their leaders to yield personal influence and allow God to transform them. How does faith shape your board's work?
Changing scenes: Why parish pastors bail out
Conflict fuels departures from congregational ministry, a new study suggests. Also, a streamlined theology school opens at Catholic University, and two seminarians are Miss America contenders.
Preserving particularity in partnership
William McKinney and James Lawrence recount how a distinctive Swedeborgian voice was installed at Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, California.
Imagined parables
A review of A Serious Way of Wondering: The Ethics of Jesus Imagined
Title: A Serious Way of Wondering: The Ethics of Jesus Imagined Author: Reynolds Price Publisher: Scribner
Teaching leadership by telling stories
A review of Leading Minds: An Anatomy of Leadership
Title: Leading Minds: An Anatomy of Leadership Author: Howard Gardner Publisher: HarperCollins, 1996
Making sense
A review of Making Sense of the Organization
Title: Making Sense of the Organization Author: Karl E. Weick Publisher: Blackwell Publishers, 2001

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