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“Never be lacking in zeal, keep your spirit and fervor in serving the Lord”

—Romans 12:11  

I believe Howard Morgan’s article on connecting with trustees is right on target.

The Apostle Paul encourages us to get involved and get excited about what we are doing. Obviously, Morgan is doing this in his job as chair of the board of the Chicago Theological Seminary.

I agree that one of the real joys that come with being a trustee is developing relationships with each trustee as you focus on the mission of the seminary. As with many Christian endeavors, most of us who serve as trustees of a seminary grow in our faith during this process; in fact, we became trustees to help the institution, but as we get involved most find that we have received far more blessings than the effort that we have put into the institution.

Our company, The Heritage Group in Elkhart, Indiana, has received a benefit from my involvement at UTS. Shortly after becoming a UTS trustee, Heritage added to our Operating Principles the following:

“Our Company is based on Christian principles. Thus we are committed to conducting our business affairs honestly and ethically.”

This helps us further attempt to set an example of “doing the right thing.” This continued emphasis on honesty, integrity, and morality gives our employees better understand how they should operate in their business and personal lives.

L. Craig Fulmer
Dayton, Ohio 

L. Craig Fulmer is chair of the board of trustees of United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio, and chairman, The Heritage Group, Elkhart, Indiana.

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