Deepn Questions

Put your phone down and have a listen

This is an unusual show format, with popular productivity author Cal Newport and occasional guests answering questions from listeners and readers of his best-selling books (including Deep Work) and articles for magazines such as The New Yorker. The answers that the warm and conversational Newport provides can help us find our focus and “work deeply in an increasingly distracted world.” According to Newport, he often hears from overworked church leaders.


Productive Conversations

Efficiency is in the details

Hosted by Canadian productivity strategist Mike Vardy, this interview-based show provides practical tips and tools to help listeners increase productivity and strengthen time management skills. It also explores nitty-gritty topics like to-do lists and workflow issues.


Global Leadership Podcast

Good words from top leaders

A spin-off from the popular annual Global Leadership Conference, the podcast is for “growth-minded, leadership enthusiasts” who enjoy conversations about productivity, teambuilding, goal-setting and the like. This is a show meant to offer both personal and professional encouragement to listeners.


Redeeming Productivity

Bringing the Bible to bear in conversations about how we work

Host Reagan Rose explores productivity through a Christian lens, exploring topics such as the healthy use of social media, financial planning and retirement, and how to overcome the tendency for overcommitment.


Mere Christians

How faith impacts our work and how we do it

Christian author Jordan Raynor helps believers think about their work – whatever that work might be – through a biblical lens. This show deliberately focuses on Christians who aren’t pastors, helping us think about the role of work in our lives and how faith impacts what we do and how we do it. Expect chats about daily habits and how the faith of the guests impacts their work.


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