Wing on wing
President Christa R. Klein reminds governing boards that equipping people for ministry requires preparation for leadership in interdenominational, nondenominational, and interfaith settings.
Knowing my neighbor, loving my neighborhood
Editor Jay Blossom suggests that interfaith cooperation demands thoughtful governance leadership at every step.
Let us now praise loopy hymns
Contributing editor Melinda R. Heppe celebrates hymns that make us think — sometimes right through our laughter.
The professional formation of clergy
From hermeneutic to homiletic
Lee S.Shulman, president of the Carnegie Foundation, reflects on the new book Educating Clergy and the signature pedagogies that run through theological education.
Changing scenes: Lilly grants support theological education
Lilly grants support theological education. Cooperative Baptists identify identity partners. Two seminaries offer social work joint degrees. Also new leaders in theological education.
Citizenship training takes place in churches and other religious settings
An excerpt from Religion and the New Immigrants: How Faith Communities Form Our Newest Citizens
A new study by Michael W. Foley and Dean R. Hoge, shows that new immigrants are learning citizenship skills in their congregation — whether Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu, or Sikh.
Figures of speech: Ecstasy, wonder, and grace
Job 38:1-11 | Corinthians 6:1-13 | Mark 4:35-41
Mark S. Hanson, presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, offers encouragement to ask questions that transcend the moment.
Special report: Katrina update
New Orleans seminaries one year after the storm
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and Notre Dame Seminary have been getting back to normal, but the challenges are daunting.

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