(Reprinted with permission from Library Journal, written by Antionette Brinkman.)

As society becomes more complex and socially diverse, the stages of early adulthood lengthen and grow more complicated as well. Sharon Daloz Parks, an associate director of the Whidbey Institute, addresses this dilemma in Big Questions, Worthy Dreams: Mentoring Young Adults in Their Search for Meaning, Purpose, and Faith. Drawing upon the developmental theories of Swiss cognitive psychologist Jean Piaget and others, she applies and broadens their insights to the spiritual journey young people face. Critical features include a movement from authority-based forms of meaning to self-reliance.

She also presents a theory of imagination and its power to light the passions of a new generation. “Mentoring communities” are viewed as a powerful new form of social support for young adults. These relationships may be forged in higher education, job settings, or other institutions where young adults are encouraged to pursue worthy dreams rather than narrow self-interest.

Thoughtful, stimulating, and well-referenced, this book is recommended for counselors and spiritual advisers and the academic collections that serve them.

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