Jesus in the desert
A review of Quarantine
Title: Quarantine
Author: Jim Crace
Publisher: Farrar, Strauss, and Giroux
Promotion and tenure
A review of Promotion and Tenure: Community and Socialization in Academe
Title: Promotion and Tenure: Community and Socialization in Academe
Authors: William G. Tierney and Estela Mara Bensimon
Publisher: State University of New York Press
Tax-exempt nonprofits and their governors, comparative studies of growth and trustee roles
A review of Inside the Boardroom and The Charitable Nonprofits
Title: Inside the Boardroom
Author: William Bowen
Publisher: Wiley

Title: The Charitable Nonprofits
Author: William Bowen
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
The ills of academia
A review of How Professors Play the Cat Guarding the Cream: Why We’re Paying More and Getting Less in Higher Education
Title: How Professors Play the Cat Guarding the Cream: Why We’re Paying More and Getting Less in Higher Education
Author: Richard M. Huber
Publisher: George Mason University Press
Community as transmitter of tradition
Finding the vision of faith requires group context
In this excerpt from his unpublished manuscript “Theological Education and the Local Church,” Ralph H. Elliott contrasts the current emphasis on “individual rights” with the biblical emphasis on the community as the context of the individual. He stresses the importance of community in spiritual formation. What strengthens community at your school? What weakens it?
Changing scenes: AGB proposes new model for governance
Cities slow, tardy decision-making as major concern
Association of Governing Boards proposes new model for governance; changes at the top; New Testament scholar Raymond E. Brown dies.
A new board member finds his footing
Good orienting with mentoring helped enormously
Steven McKinley describes his introduction as a trustee of Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, the newness of the board world, and the mentoring that made his transition easier, and touches on the big questions before current directors. How well does your board orient new members? What could it do differently?
What makes for a successful campaign?
Top ten fund-raising schools have similar stories
Although contributions to theological schools fell overall in 1996-97, some schools did well. In this article, development officers from the ten schools that provided the greatest support per student talk about their fund-raising campaigns. How is your school's approach similar? How is it different?
Investments and Y2K, graduation and then?, investment figures, Athenaeum troubles, Concordia correction
William J. Close warns about Y2K investment pitfalls; Loren B. Mead writes on the "boundary" between seminaries and congregations; David W. Freisner corrects Central Baptist investment figures; Aaron Milavec comments on Athenaeum dismissals; Lawrence R. Rast, Jr., offers a correction.
Assignment: build an institution
Building a theological school into an institution.
Tenure pluses
A review of The Case for Tenure
Title: The Case for Tenure
Author: Matthew W. Finkin
Publisher: ILR Press

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