Theresa Griffith's Articles

Resource roundup: Title IX

In May, the U.S. Department of Education announced new Title IX regulations that go into effect on August 14, 2020. These regulations not only provide more clarity on the responsibilities of institutions in responding to claims, but mandate that schools conduct live hearings in sexual misconduct cases with opportunities for cross-examination. The In Trust Center has assembled a list of resources to help your school stay up to date on the changes.

Resource roundup: Design thinking and creative problem solving

Design thinking is a creative problem-solving process that your team can use to quickly discuss concepts, test ideas, and create solutions. 

Resource roundup: Board orientation

Effective board orientation is valuable for new trustees and veteran board members alike. Fitting orientation into already-full board meetings can be difficult, but it is important to take time each year to do so. 

Resource roundup: Succession planning

Succession planning isn’t just for a school’s presiding officer. Having a plan for transition and succession that applies to the entire institution can reduce stress and avert ad hoc emergency decision making when change inevitably occurs. 

Resource roundup: Online learning

The ever-changing landscape of theological education can make adapting to new educational models daunting, but there are resources available to help you.

Resource roundup: Social media management

With the right resources, it is possible to run successful social media campaigns without hiring a full-time social media marketer.