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Our common core

For at least 25 years, seminary leaders have been grappling with big questions about the goals of theological education and how to accomplish them, says In Trust publisher Jay Blossom. And there are more changes on the horizon.
Issue: Summer 2016
Topic(s): Academic programs , Accreditation , Administration , Online learning / extension sites
Department: From the publisher
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Incarnation and institutions

Institutions are suspect in these times, but they are the means by which people can become Christ's hands and feet in a needy world.
Issue: Summer 2016
Topic(s): Spiritual life
Department: Life in the spirit
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Bible software as an aid for teaching and research

Bible software packages can be expensive, but they provide much more than just a searchable text of the Scripture.
Issue: Summer 2016
Topic(s): Technology
Department: Technology
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What are the best practices for board minutes?

Accurate minutes are a cornerstone of institutional memory, so it's important that they be consistent and timely – and filled with just enough detail.
Issue: Summer 2016
Topic(s): Communications / branding , Governance wise practices , Policies
Department: Tool box
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Strong boards, strong schools

The strength of an institution depends on the strength of its board – and that means effective recruiting, thorough orientation, solid agendas, and rigorous self-assessment.
Issue: Summer 2016
Topic(s): Board chairs , Board recruitment & orientation , Evaluation (board / presidential) , Governance wise practices
Department: Focus on governance
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Be doers of the word, and not hearers only

A review of The Fundraiser's Measuring Stick: Sizing Up the Attributes Board Members, Volunteers, and Staff Must Cultivate to Secure Major Gifts by Jerold Panas.
Issue: Summer 2016
Topic(s): Fundraising
Department: Books
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Called to the classroom

In the midst of much change, the needs of the church remain largely the same: Clergy who can witness to their own experience of God, who live lives of virtue and character, and who can preach convincingly and shepherd their flocks effectively.
Issue: Summer 2016
Topic(s): Academic programs , Spiritual life
Department: Viewpoint
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