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What is so theological about shared governance?

Leadership is always influenced by a person’s understanding of God, writes Rick Bliese, president of the In Trust Center for Theological Schools.
Issue: Summer 2014
Topic(s): Shared governance , Spiritual life
Department: From the president's desk
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A radical proposal: Let’s eliminate the M.Div.

The former president of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary proposes that a shift in focus toward a newly revamped D.Min. would promote truly engaged lifelong learning.
Issue: Summer 2014
Topic(s): Academic programs
Department: Perspective
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Is your seminary in compliance?

If your school teaches online, you must register in every state where your students live
Issue: Summer 2014
Topic(s): Online learning / extension sites
Department: Tool box
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Blessed balladeers, cultivating student spirituality

As the chief stewards of a school's mission, boards tell the stories and sing the songs that bolster the spiritual lives of students.
Issue: Summer 2014
Topic(s): Governance wise practices , Spiritual life
Department: Life in the spirit
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To the editor

Lester Edwin J. Ruiz writes a letter to the editor.
Issue: Summer 2014
Topic(s): Diversity, equality, inclusion
Department: Letters to the editor
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