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Boards and their cyclical behavior

Over time, a board's tone and activities change in predictable patterns. In Trust president Christa R. Klein reflects on what this means for the boards of religious institutions.
Issue: Summer 2011
Department: Wing on wing
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The church with the clothes

Contributing editor Melinda R. Heppe describes her congregation's clothing rack, where neighbors can get what they need without fuss.
Issue: Summer 2011
Topic(s): Spiritual life
Department: Spirit matters
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Check in, check up, catch up

The president and board chair at Oral Roberts University talk weekly, with an agenda that focuses on trust.
Issue: Summer 2011
Topic(s): Board chairs
Department: Special report
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Negotiating a presidential transition

A review of Leadership That Works by the Auburn Center for the Study of Theolocial Education and Managing Executive Transitions by Tim Wolfred.
Issue: Summer 2011
Topic(s): Presidential search & transitions
Department: Books
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A dashboard for clergy

The United Methodist Conference in North Alabama uses an online dashboard to measure church growth — a good example of "traditioned innovation," says Jason Byassee.
Issue: Summer 2011
Topic(s): Dashboards
Department: Viewpoint
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