Spring 2011

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Wise and foolish boards

In Trust president Christa R. Klein reflects on the importance of timing in board work.
Issue: Spring 2011
Department: Wing on wing
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Simple tools

Contributing editor Melinda R. Heppe urges theological school leaders to create no-fuss ways of getting theological education into the world.
Issue: Spring 2011
Department: Spirit matters
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Six essentials of wise governance

New statement from In Trust outlines the responsibilities that every board must shoulder.
Issue: Spring 2011
Topic(s): Governance wise practices
Department: Tool box
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Form 990 follows function
Tax attorney Marcus Owens explains reporting requirements for theological schools

A former IRS official talks to In Trust about seminaries and tax law.
Issue: Spring 2011
Topic(s): Financial health (institutional) , News / trends
Department: Interview
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Audit without end

The promise and perils of accountability.
Issue: Spring 2011
Department: Perspective
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