New Year 2020

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A $1.6 trillion crisis

What can theological schools and their students do about student debt?
Issue: New Year 2020
Topic(s): Alumni , Enrollment / student recruiting , News and Trends , Student life / Student financial health
Department: From data to decision
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What is the future of theological libraries?

Seminary presidents and board members share how libraries contribute to the mission of their schools and what the future of theological libraries might be.
Issue: New Year 2020
Topic(s): Libraries
Department: Survey snapshot
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Leading in unpredictable times
The art of adaptive navigation

A conversation with Tod Bolsinger, author of Canoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory, about overcoming unforeseen obstacles by shifting your thinking and your strategy.
Issue: New Year 2020
Topic(s): Administration , Board chairs , Change management , Presidential leadership
Department: Books
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The president–board chair relationship
What makes it work?

Presidents and board chairs discuss the key partnership that drives effective governance
Issue: New Year 2020
Topic(s): Board chairs , Governance wise practices , Presidential leadership , Shared governance
Department: Interview
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A menu of wise practices for boards
Recruitment, orientation, education, and evaluation are keys to board effectiveness

How does the In Trust Center run its own board? Find out what has worked in terms of recruitment, orientation, and self-evaluation and see if these practices might improve the work of your theological school board.
Issue: New Year 2020
Topic(s): About the In Trust Center , Board chairs , Board recruitment & orientation , Governance wise practices
Department: Tool box
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Where faith and governance meet

In Trust Center president Amy L. Kardash suggests that everyone who wants to be a good steward of and ambassador for a theological school will find something helpful in this special issue dedicated to governance.
Issue: New Year 2020
Topic(s): Governance wise practices , Shared governance
Department: From the president
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