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The board's executive session: a wise governance practice

Board executive sessions provide an exceptional opportunity to foster clarity and trust, says In Trust president Christa R. Klein.
Issue: New Year 2011
Topic(s): Governance wise practices
Department: Wing on wing
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Lectio divina at Helfer's Good Eats

Reading the Bible with a boisterous group in a local diner, contributing editor Melinda R. Heppe learns that silence is not their strong suit.
Issue: New Year 2011
Topic(s): Spiritual life
Department: Spirit matters
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A dedicated trustee who made a difference

C. Davis Weyerhaeuser and the building of Fuller Theological Seminary.
Issue: New Year 2011
Department: Trustee profile
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Being Catholic in California

The board president of St. John's seminary explains his role and the transitions his school is facing.
Issue: New Year 2011
Topic(s): Board chairs
Department: Interview
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Why I am glad my school declared financial exigency

The president of Central Baptist Theological Seminary writes about the pain and new growth that followed her school's declaration of financial exigency.
Issue: New Year 2011
Topic(s): Financial health (institutional)
Department: Viewpoint
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